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Junior Girls




MANAGERS! Remember to contact Geraint to let him know your team's results. The success of our website depends on you.

Bethel Junior Football Club would like to express our sincere thanks to all our sponsors for their support. They are Cled & Susan Post Bethel (Under 9), Greenwood Forest Park (Under 11), Crefftwyr Cymreig (under 12) Celtic Souza (Girls) and Geraint Jones, Saron Enterprises (Junior Club). For more information click here. Please support our sponsors!

Photos of the teams in their new kit to follow.....

Under 9

Bethel_Dan 9A

Bethel Under 9, pictured with Cled from Post Bethel. Many thanks to Cled and Susan for their generosity in sponsoring the team.

Under 12

Dan 12 Bethel 

Bethel Under 12 - thanks to Crefftwyr Cymreig for sponsoring the team.