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Under 8's

Here is Bethel Junior's under 8's team for the 2017-18 season

Back(left to right) Max, Adam, Steffan, Riley
Front (left to right) Caio Orlik, Caio Robin, Deio

Welcome to the club Caio Orlik and to Caio Robin who has re-joined the club after a short break.

All the best during the season.

Many thanks to Andrew Williams (Max's grandfather) for giving his time to coach the team again this year.

tim dan 8 Bethel

Results 2017 - 2018

Saturday 11 November 2017

What a great morning with the team showing how performing together as a team can influence the score. Incredible!!! Everyone demonstrated their skill and new techniques, but most of all team-work. There was great passing with regular attacks with the results a reflection on the standard of play this morning. Keep at it boys!

Bontnewydd (1) V Bethel (7)
Scorers: Steffan, Riley, Max (3), Caio Orlik

Bontnewydd (3) V Bethel (18)
Scorers: Deio (3), Caio Orlik (5), Max (6), Steffan (3), Adam

Saturday 11 November 2017

Game cancelled due to the weather.

Friday 22 September 2017

Bethel (8) v Llanberis (1)

Scorers: Max (2), Deio (2), Steff (1), Adam (1), Caio Orlik (1), Riley (1)
A great evening on Bethel’s pitch

Friday 22/9/2017

Bethel (5) v Cae Glyn (2)

Scorers: Riley (2), Max (1), Steff (1), Deio (1)

A great start to the season with Bethel performing strongly against Cae Glyn